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chaturbate review
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If you’re always browsing the Internet, you must have already encountered Chaturbate many times. This is one of the most popular cam sites on the Web now. Have you ever wondered what this site has to offer that makes it unique from the rest? 

The top cam sites on the Internet are actually an upgrade of tube sites and chat rooms. The best thing about them is they offer live shows or performances of hot babes that can definitely give you pleasure. From the massive amount of cam sites that you can choose from, how can you distinguish the best in terms of good value, quality, and services? 

Below is a review of Chaturbate that can help you determine if this is the best site for you. It might even be a great opportunity for you to make money. It means that you are not only an audience but can also be a performer! 

What is Chaturbate? 

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This website offers 100% amateur live sex materials. They offer free sex shows that can feed your pleasure tummy. There is a huge market of cam sites and each of them is trying their best to be on top. 

Chaturbate started in February 2011, and ever since, it grew bigger and bigger. You can enjoy the website as an amateur performer or be content with being a regular viewer. 

Are you curious about where this site got its name? Well, it’s pretty obvious. Cam sites are made for masturbating while chatting, hence “Chaturbate.”

All of the models or performers are amateurs. They do various sex acts for free but they might require tips. Some chat rooms even have a specific target and the performer has to reach that first before doing pleasurable things for her audience. There is a wide variety of content on Chaturbate like masturbation, using toys, and cum shots (you can only watch this when the performers are a couple.) 

What makes Chaturbate unique? 


First of all, the site offers all amateur content. If you want to join the site as a performer, you can easily start broadcasting yourself – and it’s free to sign up as a model. In creating an account, you’d need to agree to the website’s terms and conditions. Moreover, you also have to confirm your age and you’re good to go. If you aren’t sure how to set up a performer account, you can always get help from the Web. 

Broadcasting can help you earn Chaturbate tokens. You can use them for accessing private live shows on the site or you can exchange them for cash. 

With that said, that is also the second reason why this website is unique. You can certainly make use of it to earn money. 

Chaturbate’s top performers get a lot of greenbacks from the site itself. While those occasional broadcasters earn enough to motivate them to come back for more. 

However, how can you earn money if you can use the site without spending any penny? Maybe you’re also wondering the same thing! 

If you’re a member of the website, you can get free access to most cam channels. But if you want to make your favorite performer do a live session with you, it’s required for you to give them tips. They would surely need a little push to provide you the best pleasurable show – and what’s better than showering them with tokens? As a result, you might need to spend more money than you expect. You can use those tokens in several ways and there are also various ways to earn them on Chaturbate. 

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Are you curious about how much you can earn by being a performer on the website? For example, your viewers gave you a total of 100 tokens through tips, you can exchange that for $5. There are even regular competitions on the site that are rewarded hourly. If you are one of the top performers for the hour, you might get $5 or $10 from the site. 

Did you know that being a Chaturbate’s top performer can get you millions of views? It means that you can get a lot of money from broadcasting. That’s the reason why this website is very successful and popular all over the web – specifically on the cam sites’ industry. 

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