Media are one of the major influences in today’s age. A lot of what we can see in the movies can be found even in our subconscious. There are many fetishes born from watching movies, clips, news, literature, and all forms of l media.
One of these fetishes borne from the media is the MILF or the Mom I’d Like to Fuck. This term was first used in American Pie, as a description of Stifler’s mom, back in 1999. Today, not only MILFs are being fantasized about. In the incest porn category, there is a rising case of GILF or Grandma/Grandpa I’d Like to Fuck.

Granny Obsession-the Facts

Before social media, there were newspapers, books, and magazines as forms of literature. Most things that are written are taken as a fact or inspiration.

In a study by Dr. Sigmund Freud, he mentioned the attraction (sexual in nature) of a child (of the opposite gender) to his mother and conned it into being Oedipus Complex. This is based on the Greek Mythological character Oedipus, who killed his father to marry his mother.
Today, the Oedipus complex describes a person who is attracted to older women, generally women ages 30 and above, including the elderly or seniors. Although American Pie started the craze of portraying older women as sexy and fuckable, it was not enough to start the manic obsession today. It was followed up by music, and more movies showing mothers, grandmothers, even aunts (or adult entertainers)that they are attractive (or in other words, fuckable).

Other psychologists factor the rise of these fetishes or attraction to media influence, but more often than not, it is a factor of human’s obsession with the taboo.

What Is a Granny Cam?

A Granny cam is a cam site tag or feature or tab that shows its adult entertainers or live caster (women over 50s), doing live shows, live recording, and sexual acts while live casting. This tag can be found on its own or may sometimes be found under the GILF tag or the incest tag.

Granny Cam Review

I was asked by my readers to react to Granny cams. And even though I detest doing it, I marched on for my readers.
When I logged in to 3 different cam websites, I searched Granny Cam, 2 of those websites generated a result while the other one suggested I go to their Incest tag. When I opened the tags, I was shocked (appalled more likely---remember, your man here is an old-fashioned one).
This topic was a bit painful for me to write up. I disregarded my colored lens and viewed it as a man. I mean, in my opinion, I was more attracted to live casters who are more 30-ish than those of my grandma’s age (no offense though).
If I ignore the fact that it was Granny Porn Live, then frankly, I can more or less enjoy the heck out of it. I really like mature women who know what they like and have a take-charge attitude. But this cam takes it to a new level.

I surmise those mature women have a certain charm to them (that attracts immature men like me). So, it’s not surprising that many are hooked on this type of fetish. Nevertheless, I’ll stick to my role-plays and leave the MILFS to the young bucks.

I also like my women wetter. I don’t want to use too much KY jelly or the likes. But if you want to catch this drift, and one of those incest fantasy fanatics (or role-players), then, this cam will give you inspiration and ideas that are out of this world.
For me, even though this is cringe-worthy, I can admit that there are a lot of hot g-mas out there who need a little bit of love. If grandpa can be randy, grandma has a right to do so as well.


Overall, this tag, and feature is a bit of a no-go for me (no offense to those fanatics of Granny Cam). But if these types of cams make your dick hard or your pussy wet, then, I say go and enjoy.